Faulty Bones- A Goodreads Review

This wasn’t my typical read. What I know about gambling is close to nothing, yet I didn’t feel out of my depth. The author kept cluing me in, and the hero and heroine’s first and subsequent encounters compelled me to find out what would happen next. Mike is a down-and-out gambler living in his car and hoping he can set things right with his next poker game. He meets Amy in a New Orleans casino and she scams him out of $200. Then when he meets her again and she has no memory of him. Why? Because against his will or understanding, Mike is tumbling back and forth in time.

I love a good mystery, and if magic’s involved, it’s even better, but what pulled me into this story most was Amy. She’s spunky and certain no matter how bad her circumstances are that she can save others. When she looks at Mike, she sees a guy worth jumping into crazy-hot-water for. That said, Amy gets into trouble everywhere as she tries to understand and care for others: from a creepy Russian mobster, to a homeless panhandler, to a grieving wannabe-terrorist, to Mike himself. She’s a misunderstood and sometimes too-funny force of good, which from her point of view works. It worked for me, too. She’s the wild, off-the-wall friend many of us probably remember fondly. Her comments and world view inspired laughter and then reflection.

Mystery, romance and humor flowed together in this story like butter and salt on State Fair sweet corn. In my humble opinion, Faulty Bones is definitely worth reading.

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