Passages-A Goodread Review

PassagesPassages by Laurel Wanrow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite thing about Passages is the world building, which is complex and deeply thought out. It’s a world a reader could immerse herself in. There is so much depth and so many possibilities that I’m guessing Laurel could write many, many tales about the world.
Yet, like all good science fiction, the cool-strange becomes comprehensible as the characters experience the world. This story starts out with Quinn on the run with his grandmother. He’s lost his memory, so as he discovers cross jumping and goad as well as love, we as readers get to learn along with him. Quinn’s returning memories give clues to a conspiracy, a psychic force that suspends aging and an army of cyborg agents. In between there’s a love story. Two strong, but vulnerable people work out their differences and succeed in finding acceptance in each other.

If you like worlds that are as fascinating as Faberge eggs, this is a story you’re sure to enjoy.

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