Sucker Punching Magic



Under Construction


A Middle Grade Fantasy Complete at about 73,000 words

Most trolls mugged people in the parks, but not twelve, going on thirteen year-old Jude Kozlowski, full-time geek and part-time troll. Thanks to Mr. Caster, he’s gainfully employed, part of the Junior Job Core, a program where homeschoolers get the chance to apprentice in real businesses. Isolated by his well-meaning parents, Jude just wants to be accepted, but he’s 6’2” and 250 pounds of terror-inducing pistachio muscle. Even his part-time job has him working alone. Fitting in seems hopeless until the night Luz Bangor crashes into his cubicle at First Metro Finance, thugs on her heels.

Middle school diva, Luz Bangor should be a wizard, but with no money, bad grades and a bad track record that includes magicking her lovelorn abuela into running away with a trucker, Luz is convinced a ginormous Loser-L clings to her forehead. When her shifter brother is kidnapped for the power thrown off by his transformation, Luz and her free webcast, unpredictable, sucker punching, magic are his only hope of rescue.

Desperate to rescue her brother from the Fairy Mob, Luz begs Jude for help. Smitten and glowing over the unexpected chance to be a hero, he agrees. Then the villains snatch Luz and like a knight in lumpy green armor, Jude pursues, braving neighborhood vigilantes, a spoiled poodle and a troll biker gang to track Luz to Underhill, the fairy fortress. There, the unlikely pair must square off with the Fairy Godmother or lose Eric—and each other—forever.