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An Author I’d Love You to Read

Do you want to hear from a talented author who is close to seeing her first novel, Wonderfully Wicked, in print?

WW Cover

Come to

I’m interviewing my critique partner.  C.J. Burright

Cold Weather and Warm Knits–They Go Together!


Winter is definitely here with all of her bluster. Just last week, I motored through a snow storm that apparently hit not only my state but over 30 others. A chilly situation made worse by the groundhog’s prediction of another six weeks of cold and my friends say another freeze is on the way.

Brrr. I want to bundle up. Put on my warmest woolly sweaters, mittens, hats and scarves and curl up with a good book.  In case you’re feeling the same way, here are thirteen of my warmest picks.

  1. This hand knitted wool scarf, can be used as capelet as well. It’s stylish and cozy and I bet it would go with almost any coat.

2. I like this shawl wrap. knitted-wrap-shawl-wool-blend-yarn

3. A hand knitted wool capelet in burgundy wool. Notice the original lace and cable pattern?

4. Isn’t this cowl something?

5. Look at this cute hat! It’s purple with orange and pink stripes. I like the pompom and the fun bobbles.

6. Grin. This would be fun to wear–a stylish black infinity scarf.

7. Another awesome infinity scarf.

8. Need a warm hat? Here’s one.

snow dog tt

9. Wow! Isn’t this red cowl gorgeous?

Do you like the earrings in the picture above? Here they are–close up.

11. This unique scarf has a garter stitch with lacy elements in the pattern. Wow, it looks warm and elegant.

12. Look at this one of a kind handmade shawl.

13. I love this funky slouchy hat. I think the flower is my favorite part.

As you might have guessed, the creator of these beautiful scarves, hats and shawls is a friend of mine. I’ve watched her create some of these very items and I want to support her artistic endeavors just as she encourages me to string my words together.

I hope the weather’s warm where you are, but I’m guessing it’s not. So, I’ll wish you lots of warm clothing and many wonderful stories. Thanks for stopping by.






Dear Readers: An Apology

It’s been months since I posted and I’m sorry. A bunch of circumstances came together to curtail my blogging. First cyber attacks shut down the free site where my blog used to be.  Then my aunt died.

Long story-short, family wagons circled and responsibilities claimed my attention.  Along the way, I learned a lot about estate sales. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and I started a new job.


picture from:

When I returned to my site, I discovered that my former free host had deleted my stuff–your comments, my replies and the posts themselves

Luckily my husband had backed up a few dates and I love starting new projects so… I invite you to come with me into something new.

Thanks for reading.