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The Sick House- A Goodreads Review

The Sick House (The Ulrich Files #1)The Sick House by Ambrose Ibsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sick House
This is an old fashioned haunted house tale with secrets, murders, spirits and underground tunnels. The main character, Harlan Ulrich, an aging private investigator, cares more about coffee beans than people, yet I liked him. He is flawed and quirky and just plain interesting. Needing to pay his rent, he accepts a missing person job. He’s to locate kindly Dr. Siegfried Klein, who disappeared after making a house call in the ghost town of Moonville. Well, neither the doctor nor the ghost town are quite what they seem and Ulrich is determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries despite how over-the-top spooky everything is. Ulrich was probably as scared as I would be the first time he peeked into the old place. Birds were crashing into the windows; the rain was rattling the roof and Ulrich was all alone with only the glow of his cellphone to light his path. Then something grabbed him. As a reader, my heart stopped, but you know, I kept reading. I’m going to look for the next book in the series.

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The Star-Touched Queen-A Goodreads Review

The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen, #1)The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Star-Touched Queen
This story starts with a princess born under an unhappy horoscope. It’s a beautiful written fairytale with lush prose and vivid images about star-crossed lovers. The story drew me in. I was right with Princess Mayavati as she tried to figure out her new circumstances and right beside her when she journeyed to find her lost love and managed to find herself. If you like fantasies with fantastic world building that are laced with sweet romance and dreamlike events, you’d probably enjoy this tale. I did.

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Providence: Hannah’s Journey- A Goodreads Review

Have you ever wanted to find out more about a biblical character? Ever wonder what happened after they were mentioned in scripture? For instance–what are some of the details of Ruth and Boaz’s marriage? What ever happened to Rahab? Or who was the slave girl that led Naaman, the Aramean army commander, who was also a leper, to Elisha the prophet? Barbara M. Britton’s Providence: Hannah’s Journey fills in the details

Surprisingly, Hannah’s life is exciting. She hooks up with a handsome hero from Judah named Gilead and the two of them get into all kinds of hot water.

I really liked that although the tale was fiction, the characters acted the way I believe a Jewish person with integrity would have in one of the stories from scripture. Although they were tempted, they took the high road. They were characters I could cheer for.

If you’re looking for a piece of feel-good fiction, a story that uplifts your spirit, give this story a shot.

Zombies and Audiobooks by Jill James

Hi, Mia and I connected over our love for all things zombie. We decided to swap blogs for the day. I’m here and she is over at mine. I write what is referred to as zompoc romance. They are romance novels set in the zombie apocalypse. I fell in love with the zombie books by Carrie Ryan, Dana Fredsti, Rhiannon Frater, Mira Grant, and Bonnie Dee and decided to write one of my own. It was so exciting to find out women could write zombie books! When I started Love in the Time of Zombies the Walking Dead television show wasn’t even on yet.

I’ve just started putting the Time of Zombies series into audio book format so Mia asked if I would talk about that:

I have most of my contemporary romances already in audio book, but I’m just starting with the zombie books. Some things were the same no matter the genre and some things worked out differently.

  • You need a narrator. I know that some authors narrate their own books. Trust me when I say that you DO NOT want to listen to my voice for six hours. It could turn you into a zombie. If I ever write a writing how-to book I may narrate it myself…maybe.
  • Love your narrator. If, like me, you are using the same narrator for the whole series, you must love listening to the man or woman talk for hours and hours. I used a female for my Lake Willowbee series books but I put the call out for male or female for the zombie books so I had more choices to choose from. Maxwell Zener won me over from the first sentence. And yes, I love him! Just don’t tell my husband. 😊
  • Use ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) You don’t have to use ACX but if you are just starting out it seems the simplest way to go. They send your audio books to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. You claim your books, pick details (more below), audition narrators, let ACX deal with contracts and details.
  • Choose how you make money. I won’t go into all the details here because the FAQ at are excellent, but basically, you choose Royalty Share or Payment Upfront. RS is no money from you but you share the royalties earned. This is great if you are a little lean in the pocket staring out, for starving zombie authors. Upfront means you get all the royalties without sharing, but you have to pay the narrator PFH (Per Finished Hour) and the good ones are expensive. For my contemporary romance novellas, I paid $100 an hour.
  • Plan for the future. Even if you aren’t earning big bucks today. When you decide on how to earn the money at ACX ask yourself what am I willing to share? If you hit the NYT bestseller list with your book and start selling boatloads of books, eBooks, and audio books, are you willing to share the windfall with your narrator? If you aren’t, you may want to do the Upfront Payment. I’ve done both methods for different books and both have pros and cons.
  • Last note: if I could start over I would wait until I had a series at least 3 books in before I went into audio book. Just like in eBooks and paperbacks, readers like having a series to read or listen to, one book after another.


Book 1 Love in the Time of Zombies is available in eBook, print, and audio.

Book 2 The Zombie Hunter’s Wife is available in eBook, print, and in audio production.

Book 3 A Time to Kill Zombies is available in eBook, print, and in audio production.

Book 4 Zombies in the Grass is a work in process and due out Summer 2017


Rogue Vantage is a short story set in the Time of Zombies world. Download for FREE at


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The Eaton-A Goodreads Review

Wow, what could be better than an old-fashioned Monster-in-the-House story? I bought this when it was a daily deal on Audible and once I started listening, I couldn’t stop.

Sam Spicer, his soon-to-be fiancée and a group of interesting friends are partying in his newly purchased railroad depot. He wants to make it into a bar. Anyway, they find a secret staircase that leads to an elevator that leads to an amazing underground hotel. Once they take the elevator down, they’re trapped, and, of course, they aren’t alone. The former guests’ corpses and whatever killed them is there, too.

I loved the all research into the turn-of-the-century technology as well as the reason for all the death–the thing stalking Sam and company. It was unique. I don’t want to give details because that might spoil future readers’ fun.

Also, another high point for me was the narrator.  He made all the characters come to life.

I’m going to look for other stories by John K. Addis.