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Simple Facebook Party Games

So… you’re having a Facebook Party and you’re looking for games to play. In my experience, simpler games work the best.
Here are some suggestions that are easy to do.

1. Name games- Research sites that will change names to vampires, DJs, mobsters, etc. Direct guest to one that fits a theme in your novel and have them post their “new” moniker to the rest of the party-goers. Here are some of my favorite game names.

2. Picture Comparing -Show images of something from your novel and have people vote on these—sexy male, cutest dog, scariest place or dude that looks most like my novel’s hero, or even pet that is most likely to be adopted by my heroine. You can find some great pictures at these sites:

3. Plan a simple quiz about a subject from your novel. I’ve done historical trivia, zombie names, zombie types and monsters from horror films.

4. Picture Posting- You can ask players to post images of their pets, of their favorite heroes or their most romantic place. (Generally, I find people prefer that I find the pictures and they comment on them, but you could try this.)

5. Questions about your book like: who would play the hero/ heroine if the novel were a movie?

6. Or invite questions about your next book.

7. Picture Questions- Find pictures that relate to your book at sites like and ask questions like is this how you picture my hero’s apartment, brother-in-law or office or car? Why? Why not?

Remember when you plan your games to decide if you’re going to have a winner, how you’ll determine who wins and how you’ll award prizes. Will it be first responder? Funniest responder? Random selection? Everyone? Announce the rules to the players. Since my prizes are small tokens most players don’t care how I award the prizes, but I don’t want anyone to leave unhappy and you don’t either.
Have fun with your party. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but with a little you can enjoy hosting as much as your guests enjoy attending.