A Bucket List Win

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When I first joined the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Special Interest Chapter of RWA, I dreamed about writing something that might place in the Chapter’s On the Far Side Contest. For several years, I entered and my manuscript failed to place.

So I reviewed the comments of the judges, read some of the works that won and kept trying. Over the years, I realized this win was a bucket list thing for me, a quest I won’t easily give up on. I thought if my piece actually made it to the finals, and even better if it took a first place, I’d have made it as a writer.

Well, this January, the results of The 2013 On the Far Side Contest were published in the Romance Writer Reader and…drum roll, please…my manuscript, Dark Bringer, took a first.

I don’t know if I’ve made it as a writer, but I will be crossing off a goal on my bucket list. I appreciate all the judges, friends, family members, critique partners and chapter mates who helped me. Thanks.