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About …

Mia and her blog

Hi, I’m Mia,

 A book lover. My to-read pile is ginormous, and I always have a story I’m currently reading, so, you’re likely to find reviews here. I can’t help myself.

Also, be warned, I’ve been an English teacher in public schools for fifteen years, as well as an adjunct English instructor at a private university. You could call me a grammar nerd, a composition enthusiast, and a writing craft junkie–a person who devours books, podcasts, conferences, and online posts on how-to compose page-turning prose.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, I’m a typical teacher, I want to educate others about what I’m passionate about, which is well-told tales.

My dream is to write stories others will enjoy reading.

Phyllis A. Whitney, a popular romance writer in the 1950’s and 60’s wrote, “Opportunity is like a train on an endless track. Now and then it makes a stop at your station, often without fanfare, and without warning…What is important, is not the lucky break, the stopping of the train—what counts is what we are doing with our lives when there is no opportunity, and not a train in sight…I have found that the lucky breaks that worked out were generally followed or preceded by some positive action on my part” (1991 4-6).

This blog is a record of positive actions on my part. It features authors, book reviews, research I’m interested in, experiences I’ve had on my journey toward storytelling mastery and concepts I’m learning about the writing craft.


Currently, I’m working on a Masters in Creative Writing at Mount Mary University.  

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband and sons.

Organizations I belong to:

Wisconsin Regional Writers
Wisconsin Romance Writers
Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Special Interest Chapter
From the Heart Romance Writers
The Romance Writers of America
Sigma Tau Delta

Works Cited

Whitney, Phyllis A. Guide to Fiction Writing. The Writer, 1991.