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BD Halloween Treat

Do you like scary movies? Are you in the mood for a spooky romance? A bunch of my chapter sisters have joined together to pen a collection of spine-tingling stories just in time for Halloween. Here’s the blurb—
Twelve Paranormal Stories of Love, Hate, and Desire. Bewitching Desires, The Savannah Coven Anthology, is packed full of Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, Ghosts, and even a Reaper. All based around the great holiday of Samhain – or, as mere humans call it, Halloween. The witches of the Savannah coven are all preparing themselves for their favorite holiday, but on the night when humans and spirits collide, nothing ever goes as planned.

Journey with an angel across the country, with a reaper chasing a soul hiding in someone else’s body, to a haunted hotel, with a reluctant supreme witch who’d rather give her powers to someone else, not to mention eight other wild and intriguing encounters.

Twelve interwoven tales from bestselling and up and coming authors will have you wishing Samhain came more than once a year…
A few weeks ago, I published the loglines from each story and asked readers which one they wanted to read most. They selected Love Spell by Jennifer Ray.

Love Spell
Here’s its blurb: Keira Weathersby loves to help people with the matters of the heart and the body as a witch and pharmacist. But when her childhood rival demands her help, Keira will have to use her craft on the one man she can’t get out of her mind or heart.
Wade Hadley’s girlfriend enjoys leaving hints that she wants to get engaged. The only problem is he doesn’t want to get married right now especially when he’s unsure of his feelings.
When Keira messes up a love spell and Wade professes his love for her, she must figure out how to undo her spell, even if that means Wade will run back to his dreadful girlfriend.
This story sounds like a fun read and to prove it, I’d like to thirteen-some lines from the story.

tt-143 Scared

1. Keira locked the shop behind her and met Wade at the side door. She held the book up to show him she’d gotten what she needed.
2. He grabbed the tome from her hands. “This old book holds the power to break the spell you have over me?” He gave her a dimpled grin.
3. Oh goodness, she was in trouble. His kisses alone about did her in. But if he wanted to confess his love for her, he needed to do it spell free. It had to be the real thing.
4. Unfortunately, when she reversed this spell, it was guaranteed he would run screaming back to Ginny and all of her perfectness. Someone like Wade didn’t fall for someone like her.
5. “Do you want a beer?”
6. He stopped mid-stride and gaped at her. “You have beer?”
7. “Um, yes. I drink it too.” She yanked open the fridge and grabbed two bottles of beer. She used the bottom edge of her shirt and twisted a bottle open, handed it to him, and then opened one for herself.
8. He watched her take a swig off the bottle before he lifted it to his mouth. “You know, you could just forget about reversing the spell and leave things the way they are.” He winked.
9. She snorted. “I’d rather be loved for more than my beer drinking abilities.”
10. He shrugged.
11. She led him into the small dining room next to the kitchen. He brushed past her and pulled a chair out for her. She paused and looked at the chair.
12. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a man pull a chair out for you? There are still gentlemen around.” He gestured toward the chair.
13. Sitting, she looked up at him. “I’m sure there are still gentlemen, but I don’t seem to find any.” She opened the grimoire he laid before her. The paper marking the page peeked out the bottom, and she carefully turned to the page.
14. Wade leaned in to look at the page too. “What language is that? Latin?”
15. “Yes.” She reread the translated information. There wasn’t any mention of undoing the spell or another spell that would counteract it.
16. “Do you know what it says?”
17. “Um, no. But it wasn’t necessary. I had to do the spell in Latin anyway.” She flipped back to the beginning to find the list of spells.
18. “You chanted a spell and had no idea what it meant?” He frowned at the book.
19. “I knew what the spell was for and the gist of what was said just not the exact translation.” She went back to reading the list of spells as he chugged his beer.
20. “Thank God I didn’t sprout a second head or something.”

If you’d like to read more of this story or any of the novellas in this anthology you can find them by following these links.

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    Sorry, your last line about a second head made me think of that. Loved it.

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