Bloodstone-A Goodreads Review

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Bloodstone by Helen C. Johannes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In debt with the local lord, Mirianna and her father must locate bloodstones. To do so, they seek the only known source, the Shadow Man, who dwells in the Wehrland, a mountainous waste filled with cursed beasts. Even before they set out, she suspects it’d be dangerous, but once in the Wehrland, things turn deadly. She and her father are betrayed, lost in the wastes, and reliant on a man shrouded in darkness, a man under an impossible curse, but he’s also the man she’s dreamed about. He and the ruined castle he takes her to set up what could be a classic Gothic romance until the author switches things up with innovative and imaginative twists.
I love it when stories surprise me!
And this story which is as intricately put together as a Russian nesting doll has a lot of wonderful surprises–the castle ruins, the cave pool, the blind boy, the green-eyed lioness, and the meek heroine are more than what they seem. Mirianna’s inner steel is inspiring and how cleverly she manages to kick some villain butt and save all including her father and the hero inspired me to buy the kindle version of this story, so I could read along with the narration. Also, I loved the author’s take on the dragon—it’s unique and well done. I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil the very reveals that delighted me. If you like dragons, this is a novel not to be missed.
I received an audio version of this story for review, but in my humble opinion, it’s worth multiple reads, especially for readers, who enjoy fantasies about dragons, and classic Gothic romances where the sweet introvert awakens her inner heroine.
My final rating 4.5 stars, which I’m rounding up to 5 because of well-plotted surprises!

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