Brain Slime or How to Get Blogging Ideas When Your Creativity Is on Empty

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Photo by Kyle Brinker on Unsplash

Sometimes it’s impossible to get blog post ideas. You know you want to write something. A deadline for posting looms, but the thoughts in your brain might as well be the slime kids make with Elmer’s glue and borax. Well, help is out there. Lots of websites offer ideas to inspire your next great post.

Here are three sites I like.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator 

In this one, you plug a noun into the blank and the site will spin off options as you click on the arrow icon.  You can plug in up to five nouns to help to define your nebulous, still forming inquiry. The only drawback might be that the site would like you to enable cookies.

Webfx Blog Topic Idea Generator  

Type a noun or a topic into the fill-in rectangle box to the left. Then click on the box on the right that reads “Give me an idea.” The idea appears below. If you don’t like it, simply click on the button, which now reads, “Keep ‘em coming,” and another suggestion will appear.

What I really like about this generator is you have a button just above the generator’s suggestion that allows you to google it, so when you leave the site, you’ve got a start on the research that might be needed for your post.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator  

To use this, you type a word/ some words into the white blank to the right of the instructions “Enter your subject here:” To get more ideas just hit the refresh icon next to the white blank.

This is my favorite site for two main reasons, not counting that its background looks like an old-time blackboard. First, the chalked questions and comments that the site asks about the topic it generates make me smile. And second, under the refresh button, there are some helpful hints for helping the generator work for you.

But these three sites require you to come up with a word or a topic. If that’s beyond you currently, this site might help.

The Blog Post Ideas Generator

You simply have to click on the orange rectangle labeled generate blog post idea, and a possible post topic spins up in the gray line above the rectangular orange button.

If the whole clicking thing is too hard, you can simply check out some of the idea lists bloggers have posted like this one.

189 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience

Devin Joubert, a blogger, a content marketer, and fiction writer presents 189 blog ideas in a list. With each numbered suggestion, she offers a tip or a question to help you along. And with almost 200 suggestions, there’s likely to be something that jump-starts your brain.

Good luck. Let me know what you settled on in the comments. Consider leaving a link. I’d love to visit and see what you’ve done with the topic you picked.