Dangerously Dark-A Goodreads Review

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Dangerously Dark (The Dreamcaster Series #3)Dangerously Dark by C.J. Burright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zaire is the Prince of Purgatory, a V’alkara, a creature of nightmare and shadow. He’s sexy and terrifying. a lost hero, who despite a horrid childhood, is capable of loyalty, kindness and great love. He protects those he cares about and will do anything to keep them safe…and being safe means being far away from him.

He knows he trouble, which is why he doesn’t want to get involved with Quinn. Luckily, she’s fabulously stubborn. When they were both children lost in the dark, he kept nightmares from consuming her. She remembers and still glimpses the goodness he hides from all, even himself, so when a blizzard traps her in her family’s mountain cabin and a wounded Zaire stumbles across her porch, she opens the door to him and the terror on his heels.

What happens next is a suspenseful blending of two flawed hearts with sorcery and dreamscapes. My only problem with this tale was that it kept me from sleep as I had to read on to find out what would happen next.

If you like strong heroines who won’t stop until they’ve saved their hot but tortured heroes, you’ll love this magical romance.

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