Flying Mutant Zombie Rats–A Sure-to-Be Middle Grade Classic

When my sons were in elementary school, they thrived on HARRY POTTER, WALTER THE FARTING DOG and the adventures of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Now I can’t help but welcome a book that adds a supernatural twist to the mischievous-guy humor my sons so enjoyed— FLYING MUTANT ZOMBIE RATS.

Flying Mutant Zombie Rats


I’m guessing your elementary or middle school sons, nephews or neighbors will get a charge out of this story, but I’ll let you decide. Here are thirteen lines.

  1. Two blocks till the viaducts—under street tunnels that channeled runoff water through the city—and then at least they’d be off the main drag.
  2. They passed two teenagers perched on their front stoop, staring at them.
  3. It probably looked like they were being chased by a mob of crows.
  4. No time to explain.
  5. When they hit the viaduct, Pea and Paco hugged the berm hard, practically riding sideways.
  6. The others rode dead through the three inch-deep water in the middle.
  7. The flock of mutants hissed and squealed as they tried to advance on them.
  8. They got closer, now that the boys couldn’t duck and weave as much.
  9. Pea sped up and led everyone underground.
  10. They left the light from the city behind, relying on a few cracks of light from above to show them the way.
  11. Good thing they’d all taken this path so many times before, they could stick to the dark, watery trail in the center, knowing by heart when and where to turn.
  12. “Where are you going?” Tad yelled. “They’re gaining on us.” He swung a baseball bat he must have had in his saddlebag over his head to ward off a rat flying too close.
  13. “The park!” Pea yelled over his shoulder. He risked a glance past Tad, into the tunnel behind him. Red eyes. Tons of them.

Want to know more? Here’s the back cover blurb.

Summer vacation is almost here! And Pea O’Neil is stoked to try out the new local BMX track which is finally open. He and his gang of friends can ride all summer long!

But when Pea tries a back flip, he unwittingly opens a portal to another dimension and hordes of flying mutant zombie rats are unleashed upon the city. With the help of an otherworldly talking cat sent to help prevent the demise of humankind, Pea and his friends must hunt down the hungry mutants and send them back before the portal closes.

But when the zombie rats attack a neighbor man, the boys have to enlist the help of a graveyard looney and the city’s stray cats. With time running out, Pea and his gang track the monsters to the city’s sewer system. But in the city sewer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s eat…or get eaten.

conference Kat and SL

Author Kat de Falla and her sons wrote this book. She was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she learned to roller skate, ride a banana seat bike, and love Shakespeare thanks to her high school English teacher. Four years at the UW-Madison wasn’t enough, so she returned to her beloved college town for her Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is happily employed as a retail pharmacist where she fills prescriptions and chats with her patients. She is married to her soul mate, composer Lee de Falla and raising four kids together ala the Brady Bunch.  

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16 thoughts on “Flying Mutant Zombie Rats–A Sure-to-Be Middle Grade Classic

    1. Mia Post author

      Yeah, line seven is exciting. I don’t know about you, but I’d read on. 🙂

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

    1. Kat de Falla

      Heather, You might be surprised! I gifted copies to my son and daughter’s entire 4th grade class and the girls loved it! Please keep it in mind as a gift for your niece and her male cousins too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Kat de Falla

      All the adults who’ve read it really enjoyed it – male and female – all ages. It’s a quick fun read – maybe you can still check it out! I’d love a review!

  1. Novroz

    Not my kind of book but it looks interesting. The fact that mother andvson were the ones making it makes even more interesting

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