‘Hey, this Happened’ COVID Diaries

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Picture of a Mask
Artist-Leslie Chavez

Until Sonje E Kozinski entered isolation days ago, she worked at the mall as a visual merchandiser, arranging the mannequins, and pairing certain brands next to others to help them sell.

Illustrations by Leslie Chavez

A senior majoring in fashion design at Mount Mary University, she’s drawn to colors, patterns and people, which makes her in-dorm confinement harder.

She sees no one face-to-face. Outside her window is a quiet courtyard very few walk in.

The knock on her door announcing the delivery of her food trays is her only opportunity for in-person interaction; yet, to keep others safe, she waits before collecting her tray.

Illustrations by Leslie Chavez

Luckily, she has her phone to text friends, check in with her mom, and share a Facetime meal with Taylor, the friend she grabbed dinner and drinks with the weekend before they were diagnosed.

Taylor lost her sense of smell and taste.  She developed a fever and chills and looked bad when Kozinski first Facetimed her.

Kozinski had a killer headache and a runny nose, symptoms so mild, she figured she probably didn’t have COVID when she went for testing.

Twenty some hours later, when the test confirmed her case, she texted all her friends and classmates, saying, “Hey, like, this happened. I don’t mean to freak you out, but it’s a possibility… you could get sick.”

She chose her in-room exile, saying, “I’d rather be in one place for 10 days to ensure the safety of everyone else.” But it’s hard.

“I love going out, meeting people for coffee or going out for a drink or just being able to move around,”  Kozinski said, “So, this (staying) in one spot is a very, very difficult for me.”

Still, she makes do, snacking on applesauce and peanut butter sandwiches and staying hydrated.

She feels fortunate as her homework is project-based and her professors “have been very easy to work with in transitioning” her classes to Zoom.

She has now recovered and rejoined her friends and family.

This is a part of our COVID diaries series, short stories about peoples’ experiences recovering from COVID-19. To read more, go to http://archesnews.com/test-and-test-again-a-covid-story/

Every once in a while I like to share something I’ve written that isn’t fiction, something I’ve done as a student reporter on staff at Arches, Mount Mary University’s student run media. Here’s the link to their excellent articles. https://archesnews.com/