Luz 2-Down the Deep Tunnel (My work in progress)

I had so much fun with Sucker Punching Magic, I brought Luz and Jude back together during the latest Camp Nano. I’ve a rough draft, but here’s a teaser.

All Luz wants is a few months of “Happily-Ever-After”, where she doesn’t screw up.

The trouble is she wasn’t qualified to pass eighth grade, let alone land a sweet boyfriend, defeat the big bad fairy godmother, and be crowned in the baddie’s place and. Her only option is to fake it and ignore the ginormous gap between her competence and the problems, but spell-crafting theory is hard. Impossible tutors and magical bureaucracy trap her in the Underhill offices while wicked biker girls flirt with her dude. Worse yet–magic is vanishing and everyone expects her to fix it.

It’s a YA Urban Fantasy that’s around 50K in its draft form.  🙂 I’ll keep you posted.