Nothing Secret

Once, Jilly Atsea had a loving family. Once, she had a past. A memory-erasing spell ripped both from her. Now, the only things she trusts are the words carved into her forearms: remember and revenge. Nothing will stop her from recovering the life she’s lost. She’ll nail the wizard responsible, just as soon as she and the fire-starter she might be falling for are sprung from remedial band practice.

For years, Toby Piper has been the token normal kid at St. Polycarp’s, a school for the hexed. He believed his father, noted philanthropist Peter Piper, had enrolled him, so he could help classmates…until he started burping up smoke and igniting objects with a simple touch. Now, he doesn’t know what to think. With his body betraying him, his dad deathly ill and his best friend (and current crush) Jilly under an amnesia-causing curse, he’s never felt so alone. He’ll do anything to cure Jilly and get her back, but some charms can’t be broken without great cost, and wizards don’t go down easily.

When Jilly and Toby recover her forgotten past and get too close to unraveling the curse, the wizard strikes back, forcing Jilly to choose between revenge or saving her favorite fire-starter and magic itself.

Nothing Secret, a YA Urban Fantasy with romantic and fairy-tale elements, is complete at 73, 000 words.