QueryKombat 2014: Wish Me Many Victories

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I’m excited to say my entry made it into QueryKombat, an on-line writing contest, the brain-child of bloggers:

SC Writes http://www.scwrite.blogspot.com/

Michael Anthony http://writersoutworld.blogspot.com/,

and Michelle Hauck http://michelle4laughs.blogspot.com/

 On Thursday, May 22nd at noon an entry window opened and they accepted 225 entries. From those, they picked 64 entries.

My entry was one of those selected. Here it is:

Entry Nickname: BingBamBoomBFF
Title: Sucker Punching Magic
Word count: 75,000
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy


 Luz Bangor wears a ginormous loser L on her forehead and doesn’t expect to peel it off anytime soon. Not when everyone compares her to her brilliant younger brother Eric. Then he goes missing. Desperate to save him, Luz turns to her unpredictable, sucker punching magic. But her magic backfires, putting her straight into the path of her brother’s powerful enemy.

Home-schooled, troll-shifter Jude Kozlowski wants the world to accept him as a decent guy, not the “who’s that tramping over my bridge” stereotype. But, his huge frame and pistachio skin scares normal humans and his shyness keeps him from meeting anyone else. Even his part-time paper-pushing job has him working alone. Fitting in seems hopeless.

That is, until Luz crashes into his cubicle at First Metro Finance, thugs on her heels. Smitten and presented with the chance to be a hero for once, Jude vows to help Luz rescue her brother. When the villains snatch Luz, Jude pursues. He braves a string of neighborhood vigilantes, a spoiled poodle and a troll biker gang to track Luz to Underhill, the fairy fortress. There, the unlikely pair must square off with the evil Fairy Godmother or lose Eric—and each other—forever.

First 250 Words:

Jude could blame a lot of things on The Fairy Tale Effect, but missing the bus wasn’t one of them. He’d been at the stop, nose deep in his calculus homework when the Number Ten shot by, ruffling his hair. He jerked his head up. Didn’t the driver see him?

It was 4:35 in the afternoon, on a clear day in downtown Milwaukee, and at 6’2, Jude was a big target. Hard to believe the bus driver hadn’t spotted him. Yet the guy hadn’t even slowed.

Snapping his calculus book shut, Jude leaped to his feet. Book, paper and pencil in hand, he barreled down the sidewalk in pursuit.

He needed his job. The order and routine. The chance to be normal.

If he waited for the next bus, he’d be late. His heart racing the pounding of his feet, he dodged the parking meters and the guys who cradled cheap wine in paper bags outside the military surplus store.

Halfway down the block, the bus’s brakes shrieked. Its axles groaned into a belligerent idle. The side doors disgorged a bearded dwarf in a trench coat. Bounding over the sidewalk and the dwarf, Jude closed on the rattling old bus. He was almost beside it. Then, as though the driver floored the gas pedal to get away from Jude, the Number Ten rocketed down the street.

He sprinted full out. A puff of smoke curled from the bus’s exhaust pipe as it turned the corner and disappeared from view.

The hosts paired our entries up by genre and target audience. On June 1st we squared off “in a single-elimination, tournament style query-off.”

Currently, secret judges are reading our entries on the hosts’ websites, leaving comments and voting for their favorite entries.


So far, my entry is surviving. It’s even landed some encouraging comments. On June 4th, I’ll find out if it has enough votes to go onto the next round, which goes live on June 8th.  I’m hoping for many Victory goes to BingBamBoomBBF (my entry’s nickname)

I’ll let you know either way.

I consider myself to already be a winner in that my writing made it into the contest and I’ve gotten some good feedback and made a number of new friends.