Roses, the Color of Love or Something Else…what does my bouquet mean?

Huzzah. I got roses this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Roses are some of the most popular tokens of affection exchanged on this day, but did you ever wonder if there was a hidden message in the bouquet? In Victorian times the color of the roses had significance and some say roses tell secrets today. Want to know what the hue of your roses means? Here’s what I’ve discovered.

  1. Red. These ruby beauties talk of true love and passion, but they can also say, “Congratulations!”
  2. Deep Red or Burgundy-say, “You’re beautiful.”
  3. White shouts purity and innocence, yet sometimes they whisper, “keep quiet, keep the secret”.
  4. Pink says, “Thank you,” and signifies appreciation.
  5. Peach smiles and gives you the nudge and the wink. “Let’s get together.” Then again, sometimes it speaks of sincerity and gratitude.
  6. Coral whistles desire.
  7. Black, that deep, purple blue, can be used for death or farewell.
  8. Blue announces the unattainable, the impossible.
  9. Thorn-less roses or lavender roses are for, “Love at first sight.”
  10. Orangeis for enthusiastic desire.
  11. Red and white together speak of unity. They say, “I’m with you.”
  12. Yellow with red tips might mean just friends or they might hint at falling in love.
  13. Yellow has various meaning. Sometimes they’re used for joy, gladness or friendship, but other times they mutter about jealousy or trumpet about new beginnings.

Did you get or give roses this Valentine’s? Care to share. What color were they? What did you want them to say?


26 thoughts on “Roses, the Color of Love or Something Else…what does my bouquet mean?

  1. Chris Allen-Riley

    I love roses because they remind me of my Gram and her amazing garden. The “Blue Girl” ones were always my favorite, and now, reading the meanings, I’m not at all surprised. 😀

    Also, your roses are lovely and your cat is beautiful! 😀

  2. Kimberly Menozzi

    I still remember the first time I got roses for Valentine’s Day. The wonderful guy who gave them to me is still my dear friend – and he gave me those roses twenty-eight years ago, when we were in middle school together. (Those roses were yellow with a hint of red.)

  3. CountryDew

    I received a cake with a pink rose drawn on it for Valentine’s Day, but my husband wasn’t saying “thank you” that he was aware of, anyway. He just got it because (a) I told him no chocolate and (b) I’m allergic to real roses. 🙂

  4. Hazel

    I’ve never seen a blue rose, but wish I could one day.

    I’m loveless, dateless this year, but I got myself a red rose, lol… Love your compilation.

  5. Laura Oliva

    No roses for me this year, but we are going out for tapas tonight 🙂

    But I usually buy myself yellow roses- they remind me of my favorite picture book when I was a kid. The main character had a chariot made of yellow roses, pulled by a lion. Speaks to my delusions of grandeur…

  6. John Krissilas

    Really interesting! I had no idea all of the different colours had such specific meanings to them. Maybe I should pay closer attention the next time I buy someone roses!

    This also shows that colour (and objects) can play important, symbolic roles in stories, and add another layer of meaning.

    Thanks for sharing!

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