The 2014 Wisconsin RWA Write Touch Conference

This weekend I attended the 2014 Wisconsin RWA Write Touch Conference at Brookfield Suites Hotel &Convention Center.  Liz Pelletier, Jade Lee, Amy Atwell, Carrie Lofty, Gina L. Maxwell filled my head with writing strategies and tips. I had the privilege of meeting editors: Leah Hultenschmidt, Adam Wilson and Cheryl Yeko and agents Michelle Grajkowski, Eric Ruben and Rebecca Sherer. Then there were friends to talk with, baskets to win and books to buy. The experience was so fun that I can’t wait to share it with everybody. In an effect to get these moments and memories out quickly I’m posting all of the photos I snapped.  You’re welcome to take any you want.




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Please note when you click on the pictures, you’ll see the entire shot.

My favorite part of this year’s conference was pitching. Eric Ruben made me laugh. I can see how he was a stand up comedian. Really, I didn’t think it was possible because I was so nervous, but he made my pitch to him fun. Michelle Grajkowski was approachable and she kept encouraging me to go on and to tell a little bit more. I loved that. What writer doesn’t like to talk about her story? Rebecca Sherer was kind and easy to talk to. She asked questions that had me thinking about my characters and the world they live in. I’m guessing she’d be an agent who works through stories with her clients.

Grin. All and all, pitching was a great experience. I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to share my latest manuscript.

If you went to the conference, what did you enjoy? What was your favorite part? Please share a memory with me.


6 thoughts on “The 2014 Wisconsin RWA Write Touch Conference

  1. Kathryn Albright

    Great pictures, Mia! I had a lovely time on Saturday at the conference. This is the first year that I did not come for the entire weekend and I really missed the camaraderie of an intense writing weekend. I’ll make sure not to do that again! Much better to be there the entire time and soak up the atmosphere and get lost in talking about writing.

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